Vehicle Reservations

Vehicle Reservations

Vehicle Reservations

The Physical Plant Services has four 15 passenger pool vans for use on University business.

Van Numbers: PO99, PO100, PO106, PO107


Driver Requirements 

• Drivers must have a Louisiana Class D Chauffeur's license.

• Drive must have successfully completed the Safe Drive Program with University Safety Office.  (Safety) 

• Graduate Students and Student Workers are not allowed to drive the University passenger pool vans.

• Driver must have reviewed the University Vehicle Policy. (Vehicle Policy)



 • Click on University Vehicle Schedule to see if a University passenger pool van is available. University Vehicle Schedule.

•If a date is available, submit a University Vehicle Reservation Request form for each passenger pool van requested to Physical Plant as far advance as possible. •University Vehicle Reservation Request forms are available at the Physical Plant office. 

• For questions, contact Jennifer at 985-549-3333.



• The fee per mile is $0.26 with the minimum of $10.00 fee.

•Failure to cancel University passenger pool van results in a $25.00 non-cancellation fee.

•Notify PPS of any changes about reservations. If PPS is notified, the Department will be charged for any overtime charges incurred to service the vehicle. For example: If the reservations are for 7:00am, but the vehicle is not picked up until later, the department will be charged.


Before and after Trip Procedures 

•Your personal vehicle can be parked in the exact location of the passenger pool van.

•Inspect University passenger pool van for any problems.

•Write down beginning mileage on the back of University Vehicle reservation Request Form.

•After trip: write down ending mileage on the back of the University Vehicle Reservation request form.

•At the end of each day write down the odometer reading on the MV3 log sheet.

•If you are picking up or returning outside of normal business hours contact University Police at 985-549-2222 to pick up or return passenger pool van. 



•If there is a problem with the passenger pool van, contact the Physical Plant Services during normal business hours.

•If outside normal business hours: Contact a reliable vendor to make road service.

•Should an accident occur, contact the local law enforcement agency.