Vehicle Reservations


The Physical Plant Services has one passenger pool van for use on University business.

Van Number: PO107


Driver Requirements 

  • Drivers must have a Louisiana Class D Chauffeur's license.

  • Drive must have successfully completed the Safe Driver Program with University Safety Office.  (Safety) 

  • Graduate Students and Student Workers are not allowed to drive the University passenger pool vans.

  • Driver must have reviewed the University Vehicle Policy. (Vehicle Policy)



  • University Vehicle Schedule See if a University passenger pool van is available

  • If a date is available, submit a University Vehicle Reservation Request form for each passenger pool van requested to Physical Plant as far advance as possible.

  • University Vehicle Reservation Request forms are available at the Physical Plant office. 

  • For questions, contact Jennifer at 985-549-3333.



  • The fee per mile is $0.26 with the minimum of $10.00 fee.

  • Failure to cancel University passenger pool van results in a $25.00 non-cancellation fee.

  • Notify PPS of any changes about reservations. If PPS is notified, the Department will be charged for any overtime charges incurred to service the vehicle. For example: If the reservations are for 7:00 a.m., but the vehicle is not picked up until later, the department will be charged.


Before and after Trip Procedures 

  • Your personal vehicle can be parked in the exact location of the passenger pool van.

  • Inspect University passenger pool van for any problems.

  • Write down beginning mileage on the back of University Vehicle reservation Request Form.

  • After trip: write down ending mileage on the back of the University Vehicle Reservation request form.

  • At the end of each day write down the odometer reading on the MV3 log sheet.

  • If you are picking up or returning outside of normal business hours contact University Police at 985-549-2222 to pick up or return passenger pool van. 


Emergency Procedures

  • If there is a problem with the passenger pool van, contact the Physical Plant Services during normal business hours.

  • If outside normal business hours: Contact a reliable vendor to make road service.

  • Should an accident occur, contact the local law enforcement agency.