Student Worker Job Description


The following job responsibilities and duties will be carried out by Student Workers
assigned to the Purchasing Department:

A. Smile and be productive in your work

B. Academically excel to maintain your employment

C. Report to assigned supervisor at scheduled work times

D. Clock in/out using a PC equipped with Time and Labor program

E. Understand falsification of time worked constitutes payroll fraud

F. Type material assigned and make necessary photo copies on copy equipment

G. Fax material from facsimile equipment as assigned

H. Prepare, type, key and/or photocopy bid quotations for mailing as assigned

I. Separate and label outgoing mail as assigned

J. Assist in time-stamping and separating incoming mail as assigned

K. Be cordial to students, faculty, staff and visitors entering the office

L. Assist students, faculty, staff and visitors conducting business in the office

M. Assist other purchasing personnel in purchasing related functions when requested

N. Answer and screen telephone calls in the absence of supervisor or secretarial personnel

O. Transfer telephone calls to appropriate personnel or record appropriate message

P. Perform other tasks as may be assigned by supervisor or the Director of Purchasing

Rvsd. 10/1/15