Student Worker Policies & Procedures

Work Schedule:

Student will be expected to maintain an agreed work schedule. Coming in early/late and leaving early/late will not be tolerated, unless approved by supervisor.

Student cannot work during scheduled class time under NO CIRCUMSTANCES.

Student must give prior notice if necessary to alter work schedule. If student unable to report to work, student must call to report absence to assigned supervisor or timekeeper.


Repetitive and/or long-term personal visitors or telephone callers are not permissible. Short-term visits and/or phone calls are acceptable within limits.

Food & Beverage:

If student requires a lunch break and does not have one scheduled, arrangements should be made with supervisor to alter work schedule. Eating of meals is not permitted while on duty.

Soft drinks are permissible; however, containers must be properly disposed of when finished. Containers should not be placed on or near electronic equipment.

Work Area:

Work areas should be cleared and/or straightened at the end of the work period. Work assignments not finished can be continued during the next work period unless instructions are left for another individual to complete.


Proper care should be taken of the equipment assigned to student. The equipment should be turned off when not in use and covered at the end of the work period.


Mail runs are made once a day to the Purchasing office. The incoming mail leaves between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00pm.. Any outgoing mail needs to be ready by this scheduled time.


Telephone calls will be answered before the third ring. When answering, state a greeting, the department name and your name. Always get the caller's name and the nature of the call before transferring the call. If a message is taken, provide all pertinent information, initial the message and place on the appropriate person's desk.


If there are no work responsibilities available, check with assigned supervisor for something that possibly could be completed in another area.

Proper attire is to be worn at all times while on duty.

Park vehicle used for reporting to work at scheduled work time at the north parking lot area of the plant compound.

Rvsd. 10/1/15