Maintenance, Leases and Rentals

Contractual services include all contracts or other documents for maintenance, and the lease and rental of equipment. (See Division of Administration Policy & Procedure Memorandum 51.)


All purchases for contractual services as defined above must be made in accordance with the current Governor's Executive Order for small purchases and purchasing rules and regulations.


The University is authorized to prepay preventive maintenance contracts on equipment only when a brand name statewide contract exists that provides for at least a ten percent savings over paying on a monthly basis or a competitive bid is requested that provides for preventive maintenance on a monthly basis and on a prepaid basis. A savings of ten percent or more is required to award on a prepaid basis.


Equipment Maintenance Management Program


In January 2005, the State of Louisiana awarded a statewide contract for equipment maintenance to Specialty Underwriters, LLC. All State department, agencies, colleges and universities, and boards and commissions are eligible to utilize this contract which was designed to implement a cost reduction and management program for equipment maintenance contracts.


This contract provide guaranteed discounts of 25 to 32 percent on all maintenance contracts for equipment. Additionally, by consolidating multiple contracts the University will be able to reduce the number of purchase orders and vendor payments, which will lower University's administrative burden.



State Equipment Maintenance Program


Division of Administration Memorandum