Let Purchasing Handle

A Purchase Requisition is used to communicate user needs, suggested sources of supply and the budget to be expended for the purchase. No other method will be permitted unless authorized by the Director of Purchasing.


The purchase requisition must be completed in its entirety to effectively communicate to purchasing personnel and suggested suppliers or bidders. The purchase requisition must reflect the budget unit number and the correct expense code to expend the purchase to. Failure to adequately fund or supply all information on the purchase requisition will result in the purchase or the solicitation process being delayed.


For equipment purchases or services over $5,000, detailed specifications must be included in the purchase requisition. Failure to submit adequate specifications will result in the solicitation process being delayed.


Purchasing personnel process purchase requisitions in accordance with State statutes, rules and regulations, and the executive order for small purchases. It is the responsibility of all university employees expending funds managed by the University to be familiar with and know State requirements for purchasing. Any exceptions to be made may be discussed with purchasing personnel, but must be approved by the Director of Purchasing.