Express Package Information


Important Details Concerning Express Packages


Express Details

Express shipments through such carriers as DHL Express and Federal Express may be
made by faculty and staff directly to their desktop department location with the exception
of any equipment item of $1,000 or greater and items storing data.   All equipment items of $1,000 or greater and items storing data should be processed
through Central Receiving location to facilitate property tagging and recording. Express
shipments require a physical address (street, building, room number) be given by shipper
to an express carrier (no SLU, P.O. Box or Drawer numbers.) For orders requiring a
Purchase Requisition, budget units are responsible for generating a receipt in Workday
to process payment.

United Parcel Service (UPS) delivers all common and express package shipments to SLU
Central Receiving. Central Receiving will endeavor to deliver UPS Next Day package
shipments the same day as delivered, but if it cannot, Central Receiving will endeavor
to contact individual or department the same day package arrives. Individuals or departments
may elect to pickup package from Central Receiving before 5:00 p.m. or request package
be sent the following day on Central Receiving delivery van.

If the express carrier will not make delivery directly to the oncampus location, Central
Receiving will not refuse the delivery and will endeavor to call or email the department
or individual that a package is in Central Receiving. Department or individual will
be given the option to pickup the package during Central Receiving hours (7:30 am
to 5:00 pm) or request the package be placed on the Central Receiving delivery van
for delivery with other regular deliveries.

Central Receiving is not an express delivery carrier, yet strives to get express packages
out the same day it is received.


Direct Delivery to Departments

For any inbound shipments using UPS Express, DHL Express or Federal Express, both
carriers require complete identification to deliver directly to a location. Package
identification should be as follows:

Southeastern Louisiana University

[ Name of Individual] i.e., Shelby Thomas

[ Name of Department] i.e., Biology Department

[ Street Number & Street Name] i.e., 808 N Pine St

[ Building Name & Room Number] i.e., Biology Bldg, Rm 299
Hammond, LA 70402



Using FedEx at Southeastern

Some additional details for using Federal Express Carriers. Click on links below.


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