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The Big Event - March 25, 2017

The Big Event is one big day of community service in which the Southeastern Campus gives back to the surrounding areas of Hammond and Ponchatoula. The Big Event is different from other service projects because it is not based on socioeconomic need. The Big Event is a way for the entire student body and campus to express gratitude to residents who support them during their college career. Our local residents attend sporting events, donate to our college, and put up with the traffic and everything else that comes along with living around college students. Whether it is painting houses, raking yards, or laying bricks, the type of job is not important. The Big Event is not about the type of job we do or the number of jobs completed or how many students participate. Rather, it is the interaction with the residents and the resulting unity in the community that makes The Big Event so BIG!


The Big Event was founded at Texas A&M University in 1982. Since then, The Big Event has seen tremendous growth and change over the years. Presently, 72 Big Events occur at universities across the nation, including Southeastern Louisiana University (founded in 2010). On Saturday, April 14, 2011, students and staff of Southeastern Louisiana University volunteered over 1,200 hours of service to the Hammond and Ponchatoula communities through various projects at 34 different service sites. In 2016, The Big Event Executive Board is hoping to increase the number of projects and overall service hours.