Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is led by the President of SGA, Seth Leto. This branch is comprised of the President's Cabinet. The Cabinet focuses on broad issues and initiatives, such as: SGA finances, marketing, media, event planning, and engaging with students, alumni, and the community. 



Seth Leto

Email: sgapresident@southeastern.edu

Office Number: (985) 549-3376

Chief of Staff

Neil Bourgeois

Email: neil.bourgeois@southeastern.edu

The Chief of Staff oversees the Executive Cabinet and assists the President in all duties. He also serves on the Executive Board.

Director of Financial Affairs


The Director of Financial Affairs is responsible for the budget and acts as an advisor to SGA on all financial issues.

Director of Communications

Allison Davis

Email: allison.davis-2@southeastern.edu

The Director of Communications oversees the promotion of all SGA events, social media, and updating the SGA website.

Director of Traditions

Hannah Fork

Email: hannah.fork@southeastern.edu

The Director of Traditions is over the student Homecoming Week activities and The Big Event.

Director of Student Outreach

Alec Jones

Email: alec.jones@southeastern.edu

The Director of Student Outreach is responsible for acting as a laison between students and SGA. They are over Leadership Council, Multicultural Affairs, and organizational communication.