Business Research Center
Dr. A.M.M. Jamal, Associate Director
Herb Holloway, Research Economist
Phone: 985-549-3167
Website: www.selu.edu/sbrc
Email: brc@southeastern.edu
The Business Research Center is a University-based research facility housed at Southeastern Louisiana University's Southeast Louisiana Business Center. The Mission of the center is to provide economic information on the region and conduct applied research projects to further the economic development of the five Florida parishes of the North Shore.


Calvin Fabre, Owner
Phone: 225-910-8239 x109
Website: www.envoc.com
Email Address: info@envoc.com
Envoc specializes in writing software that fits unique methods of doing business. The company recently changed its name to move beyond a primarily energy-centric clientele.


Louisiana Small Business Development Center
William Joubert, Director
Phone: 985-549-3831
Website: www.selu.edu/sbdc, www.lsbdc.org
Email: sbdc@southeastern.edu, lsbdc.slu@lsbdc.org
The Louisiana Small Business Development Center at Southeastern Louisiana University provides low- or no-cost guidance and training for small business owners and potential owners. Part of a statewide network supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Louisiana Economic Development and the host universities, the LSBDC serves Louisiana businesses through confidential counseling, group training, and business information resources.


Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District
Clark Forrest, Administrator
Phone: 985-549-3160
Fax: 985-543-3161
Email: info@haeidd.org
Website: www.haeidd.org
The Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District is composed of business and community leaders, as well as, the Mayor of Hammond and team members of his administration. The board meets on a monthly basis and its goal is to attract new business and industry to the greater Hammond area while working to retain and expand jobs of the industries that are currently located in Hammond.

Tangipahoa Economic Development
Stacey Neal, Director
Phone: 985-549-3170
Website: www.tedf.org
Email: sneal@tangipahoa.org
TEDF assists businesses with: finding alocation, info on tax incentives, serving as a liason between you and parish and local officials to facilitate your expansion efforts, reference point to other organizations who can provide assistance, and locating low interest loans.


The JBM Group
Owners: Barbara M. Ruppert and Michael DiMaggio
Phone: 985-222-2941
Website: www.jbmt.net
Email: michael.dimaggio@jbmt.net, bruppert@jbmt.net
The JBM Group is a company of computer consultants focused primarily on services for law enforcement agencies. The company operates in an environment of honesty and integrity and. Their belief is that providing high-quality, sound solutions to their clients will in turn create long-term continuing relationships that will give them the competitive edge in the custom software arena.


Northshore Technical Community College - Workforce Division
David Lloyd, Executive Director
Phone: 985-549-3163
Website: www.northshorecollege.edu
Email: davidlloyd@northshorecollege.edu
NTCC's Workforce Development Division offers non-credit customized workforce training, industry certification programs and grant-funded programs, in addition to NTCC's standard programs of study.


Congressman Steve Scalise
Regional Rep, Justin Crossie
Phone: 985-340-2185
Website: scalise.house.gov


pH R & D
Owner: Jennifer Moore
Phone: 985.415.3723
Email: jen@phrand.com
NeutrapHor® skin protectant cream, which is a new over-the-counter (OTC) drug, is proud to have a total of 6 physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, scientists, and pediatricians at its helm, along with the original researcher who has patented our formulations. That makes us true pros at what we do!

Established in 2008, pH R&D LLC is committed to patient care first and foremost, and has put its lifeblood (and precious dollars) into ensuring that our products are 1) unique, innovative, and special 2) affordable and 3) effective and easy to use. It has been FUN providing nurses, physicians and clinics products that they like so much for their own use, that they buy our products independently to keep at home for their kids and loved ones!

Our other products include GoodStuff Cream® & CoolBottoms®.

NeutrapHor® is a skin protectant cream which temporarily protects injured or exposed skin or mucous membrane surfaces from harmful or annoying stimuli, and may help provide relief to such surfaces.