Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Accounting and Finance offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting
and Finance. 

Accounting Major

Students in Southeastern’s Accounting program gain the skills they need to succeed
in the accounting profession or while continuing their studies in graduate school.
The accredited Accounting program features qualified and involved faculty, a thriving
internship program and active student organizations. 


Curriculum Sheets


Minor in Accounting: 18 Hours

Students minoring in accounting must obtain the approval of the Department Head.

  • Accounting 200
  • Accounting 221
  • Accounting 312
  • Accounting 313
  • Accounting 331
  • Accounting 341


Finance Major

Students in Southeastern’s Finance program gain the skills and knowledge they need
to pursue successful careers or graduate studies in finance. Students prepare to become
competent financial analysts and decision-makers, and they learn technology skills
needed to present and analyze financial data. Students also gain awareness and appreciation
of ethical issues inherent to finance, as well as an understanding of the international
aspects of finance and how to incorporate them into financial analysis. 


Curriculum Sheets


Minor in Finance: 18 Hours

Students minoring in finance must obtain the approval of the Department Head.

  • Finance 381
  • Finance 401
  • Finance 451
  • Finance electives (300+): 9 Hours