Graduate Assistantships

The Department has a number of graduate assistantships each year for the Fall and
Spring each with a value of $4,500 per semester plus a tuition waiver. The Department may also have a small number of
Summer assistantships with a value of $2,200 plus a tuition waiver. Students should apply to the graduate coordinator (summer
assistantships require a separate application).

Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis according to the following criteria:

a. GRE scores

b. Undergraduate GPA (overall and Psychology courses) and Graduate GPA where relevant

c. Research experience and past performance (undergraduate and graduate).

d. Standing (Regular, Conditional, Non Degree, Probation). As a general rule only
regular status students are likely to receive an assistantship.

e. Special skills needed by the department

Roughly half of the assistantships will be assigned to new students and half to returning
students. A student may hold an assistantship for a maximum of four semesters (excluding
summer semesters). Also, there is no guarantee for renewal of an assistantship. Students
who earn unsatisfactory grades (below B) during their first year are unlikely to have
their assistantships renewed.

Students who do receive an assistantship should check in with the department secretary
during the first day of registration. An orientation session will be scheduled with
Personnel to fill out various forms (W-4’s, etc.).

Distinguished Graduate Fellowships

Highly qualified applicants may also be considered for a Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
in Psychology. The fellowship adds $3,500 to the original assistantship ( $12,500 total for Fall and Spring) and can be renewed for up to 3 years. These fellowships
are highly competitive and only a small number are awarded to exceptional applicants