Industrial/Organizational Concentration


The Psychology Master’s Degree I/O concentration integrates core graduate psychology
courses, I/O Psychology and Behavior Systems Analysis. A one-year supervised field
experience is available. The program provides students the option to continue their
graduate work in a doctoral program or immediately seek employment as an internal
or external organizational consultant. 

I/O Psychology is the application of behavioral science in organizations to improve
employee performance and job satisfaction. The field has a projected growth of over
50% through 2022 and has been identified by the bureau of labor statistics as the
#1 fastest growing occupation.The median salary in 2014 was $90,070 annually. Of I/O
psychologists surveyed, 6% had a bachelor’s degree, 53% a master’s degree, and 41%
a doctorate or professional degree. 

In 2008, 36% of I/O psychologists were employed by consulting firms, 16% were self-employed,
and 48% worked for private and public organizations. That is, 52% served as external
consultants to organizations while 48% served as internal consultants. 

Applicants for the I/O concentration master’s degree should apply to the Psychology graduate
program coordinator, Dr. Brandon Baiamonte.


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