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The Master of Science in Applied Sociology program at Southeastern provides students
with the ability to research, analyze and develop strategies to promote the effective
and efficient functioning of community institutions, organizations and groups of individuals.

Through academically rigorous coursework, graduate research, student internship, and
study-abroad opportunities, this program prepares students for careers as administrators,
researchers in public or private agencies, or for doctoral studies in sociology and
related disciplines.

The program provides students with the opportunity to take sociology and apply it
within the community. In doing so, students may elect to concentrate in Criminal Justice
or Globalization and Sustainability. 


If you are looking for a career that can be applied to almost any field but also prepares
you to make a positive contribution to the world, then sociology is definitely for
you. A degree in sociology is excellent preparation for law school. Students learn
analytical and critical thinking skills in subjects that are immediately relevant
to our world like environmental issues, sexuality, gender and reproductive issues,
systemic racial and ethnic issues, immigration, healthcare, and many more modern social
issues. A focus on these topics makes sociology much different than many other majors. 

But preparation to practice law is just one of many careers that sociology prepares
students for. A few other examples include working to protect our environment in the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), addressing social problems in the student’s
community or around the world by working with NGOs (non-governmental organizations)
such as Amnesty International, a position as a project developer or manager in an
organization like the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) or most other types of organizations
or business. Students interested in civil rights might also work for racial justice
at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the NAACP (National Association
for the Advancem ent of Colored People, or the National Urban League as well as many
other organizations,. They might work for LGBTQ+ rights in an organization like the
Human Rights Fund, or in the private sector in nearly any business conducting research,
analysis, and marketing. Finally, we hold sessions for students on how to speak about
the unique skills they are obtaining in sociology so students can get the career they

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