Safety at Southeastern

At Southeastern, safety is of paramount importance. Significant steps have been taken to ensure the well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus. Our campus was recently ranked the safest university campus in Louisiana and 15th in the country, thanks to the numerous initiatives in place by the University Police Department and the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

We know our students have their phones with them almost 24/7. That's why Southeastern has a safety app that provides simple instructions and recommendations for actions to take in the event of an on-campus emergency.  Access the app now at and save to your smart phone or tablet home screen for quick access.

The app can direct dial the University Police Department from its home screen and from links embedded throughout its sections. It lists suggested steps to take in the case of an active shooter or stabbing on campus, bomb threat, fire or explosion, intruder/mental health emergency, as well as procedures for lockdown, shelter in place, evacuation, physical injury, sexual assault, weapons on campus and weather emergencies.

We encourage students, faculty and staff to review the directives in the app to be prepared for a potential emergency. Once the app is saved to your phone home screen, you can immediately access it for instructions on how to protect yourself, who to contact and how to assist victims should an actual emergency situation occur.

Additional safety measures on campus include:

  • an emergency alert system that issues texts, voice calls and emails to students, faculty, staff and pre-set relatives in the event of an emergency or university closure
  • code-blue emergency phones located throughout campus that instantly alert University Police to the exact location where help is needed
  • an outdoor PA system that broadcasts sirens or voice alerts in the event of a serious incident occurring on campus
  • security cameras monitored by University Police
  • extensive outdoor lighting throughout campus
  • University Police escort if you need to walk through campus alone at night (call 985-549-2222)

All student, faculty and staff email accounts are preregistered with the emergency alert system, but you must sign up to receive emergency alert text messages and voice calls on your cell phone. Sign up or update your contact information today.

Learn more about the efforts to emphasize safety at Southeastern and our University Police Department. In addition to the many security measures already in place, daily personal safety is encouraged among the university community.

If you have information regarding crimes occurring on campus, you can report crimes anonymously online.