Success Matters - Suraj Ayer

PhD Candidate at Duke University and Graduate Research Assistant at Roizen Lab

BS in Chemistry (Biochemistry), 2015

Suraj Ayer, a Nepalese student, chose Southeastern for the caring, personal learning environment and the outstanding financial assistance package that allowed him the flexibility to concentrate on his research and studies.

Suraj Ayer
His curriculum at Southeastern was rigorous and challenging and focused on real-world-ready experiences that provided practical hands-on learning. He worked on collaborative research projects and served as a manager and senior student researcher, gaining valuable experience that put his classroom learning into practice. This academic experience prepared him well for graduate school. Suraj is currently pursuing his PhD in Organic Chemistry at Duke University.
He is currently a graduate research assistant at Duke’s Roizen Research Group, which focuses on research of finding novel and innovative ways of manipulating small molecules to aid the access to biomedically important probe molecules and lead compounds for drug discovery.

While at Southeastern, Suraj exemplified the meaning of a well-rounded student. He was a 4.0 student, receiving numerous awards and recognitions and was active in many student groups. He was also named the Division of Student Affairs Man of the Year. Suraj credits the volunteering and leadership opportunities at Southeastern with helping him become a better individual. “My campus involvement at Southeastern played a big role in transforming me from a shy, introverted person to a person of leadership and humility,” he said.

“Southeastern became home to me through the support of the great people on campus - faculty, staff and students,” explained Suraj. “The small class sizes and great friends I made helped me adapt to my new experiences so far from home.”

Graduating is one of his fondest memories. “Walking across the stage and receiving my Southeastern degree while my Mom and Dad, who were able to come from Nepal, watched is one of my proudest moments,” he said.

“I owe my alma mater for helping me get where I am now,” said Suraj. “Southeastern is a great and easy choice: small class sizes, one-on-one interaction with fantastic faculty, abundant leadership opportunities and research and development opportunities in your career field.”

by: Allen Cutrer