Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Lion Transfer Tracks - QEP

Lion Transfer Tracks: Plotting a Path to Success 

Southeastern Louisiana University‘s Quality Enhancement Plan is an extension of its
Mission and Strategic Plan. Ongoing processes to achieve Vision 2025 guided the development of
the QEP and its focus on transfer students with 30 or more hours. 

SACSCOC, our accrediting body, requires a QEP to be implemented every five years. Lion Transfer Tracks: Plotting a Path to Success will officially begin in the Fall of 2025 and will entail the creation of a centralized
transfer student hub for networking and obtaining vital information, along with a
transfer-specific orientation to welcome transfer students with 30+ hours.

QEP Timeline

Beginning in April of 2022, Southeastern began a thorough process aligned with its
Mission and Vision 2025 to identify areas for improvement that would greatly enhance
the success of its students.

This long and comprehensive journey has led to an exciting proposal that will deepen
Southeastern’s commitment to its transfer students and strengthen their opportunities
for success.


Southeastern Louisiana University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is designed to
create a culture of transfer student success. This will be accomplished by achieving
three overarching goals: Connection, Persistence, and Completion. Because excellent
programming through the Office of First-Year Success is already in place at Southeastern
for transfer students with less than 30 hours, the QEP will focus on the success of
transfer students with 30 or more hours. To accomplish these goals, Southeastern will
implement four initiatives that emerged from a review of the literature as key strategies
for transfer student success: (1) establish a Transfer Student Success Center (TSSC),
(2) facilitate a comprehensive, proactive advising plan, (3) implement a transfer-specific
orientation program, and (4) implement a comprehensive communication plan. 


For questions or additional information please contact:

Mary B. Ballard, QEP Design Team Chair

[email protected]