Policies and Procedures

 Last revised:
Summer 2016

Email Policy


There is an ever-increasing reliance on electronic forms of communication among faculty, staff and students at Southeastern Louisiana University. In particular, email has become an efficient, fast, and cost-effective method of communication that has many advantages over printed communication.  


Because of the importance of this type of communication, email is considered one of the official forms of communication at the University. This policy ensures that students will have access to a university email account, outlines the student’s responsibilities in having such an account, and establishes expectations for communication between faculty and students for educational purposes and between the University and students for university business purposes.


Southeastern will use the university-provided email accounts for addressee-specific official university communications to and among faculty, staff, and students. Such email would include individually-addressed messages about university business-relate issues, as well as “group mail” messages such as payroll advice notices, registration appointments, notices of registration holds, etc. Requests to substitute non-Southeastern email addresses for purposes of official communications will not be honored.


Student accounts will remain active for five years after the date of their last attendance. At the discretion of the university, Alumni and employees who leave the university through graduation or retirement will retain their email accounts. Employees who leave the university may, upon request, have their email forwarded to an external address for one year. These individuals will need to send the request to helpdesk@southeastern.edu.


For more information on appropriate computer usage at Southeastern, see Responsible Computing at Southeastern Louisiana University: General Policies for All Computer Users