Fuel Card Policy

Effective date:
Southeastern Green Seal


All University controlled vehicles are assigned a fuel card (the Card).  Employees authorized to use the Card will be assigned a PIN number allowing them to use the Card at a fuel station.  Employees who are assigned a PIN will be required to sign a Fuel Cardholder Agreement acknowledging the requirements and proper use of the Card and PIN number (Appendix A in the PDF version of this policy). Employees accept responsibility for the protection and proper use of the Card whenever the vehicle is assigned to them including use of the Card for authorized fuel purchases only and prohibiting unauthorized fuel purchases.

Improper use of a Card may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Unlawful use of the Card will be reported to the proper legal authorities. Should an employee fail to use the Card properly, the University or its designee may collect any amounts owed from the employee’s wages or otherwise, even if no longer employed by the University.



The Physical Plant Department will obtain and issue fuel cards and employee PIN numbers for the purchase of fuel in the course of University business with the department head’s authorization. 

Employee will sign the Fuel Cardholder Agreement, which will be filed in the Physical Plant Department.  Employee must immediately report any lost or stolen fuel card to their supervisor and to the Physical Plant Department.

The following guidelines must be followed:

  • Use fuel cards and PIN#'s for official University business only.  The fuel card is not to be used for personal vehicles or for non-business purposes.  Using the fuel card for any purpose other than official business will be considered theft of Southeastern property.
  • The purchase of personal items such as food, beverages, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • Purchase unleaded or diesel fuel for University-owned vehicles only. Plus and Premium grade are prohibited.
  • Keep the fuel card and PIN in a secure location at all times.
  • Do not allow other individuals to use your PIN.
  • Immediately report lost, stolen or compromised fuel card/PIN to the Physical Plant Department.
  • Obtain receipt at time of sale.
  • Submit receipt to authorized department employee.
  • Ensure receipts are forwarded to Physical Plant monthly.



The state fuel card enables you to purchase fuel at any fueling location that accepts the Voyager fuel cards.  At the fueling station, the employee will take the following steps to obtain fuel:

  1. Enter or swipe the card at the pump control
  2. Enter the vehicle odometer reading
  3. Enter Employee PIN
  4. Fuel vehicle
  5. Obtain receipt
  6. Complete fuel portion of MV3 if applicable

Employees will turn in fuel receipts to the authorized department employee for review.  Department will forward all receipts to the Physical Plant no later than the 10th of the following month in order to review and reconcile fuel purchases with the fuel invoice.

Department must notify Physical Plant to terminate employee PIN when an employee is no longer authorized to make fuel purchases. Upon termination of employment, Employee must return the Card to the Physical Plant Department.