Medical Examinations Policy

Last reviewed:
October 12, 2020 
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Policy Statement

As part of the University's employment procedures, applicants for safety and security sensitive positions or for positions in which the essential duties of the position require certain physical abilities may be required to undergo a post-offer, pre-employment medical examination which may include alcohol and drug screening by a physician designated by the University.


Purpose of Policy

To ensure applicants of safety and security sensitive positions can do their essential duties.



This policy applies to all employees in safety and security sensitive positions.


Policy Procedure

Any offer of employment that an applicant receives for one of these designated safety- or security sensitive positions is contingent upon, among other things, satisfactory completion of this examination and screening and a determination by the University and its examining physicians that the applicant is capable of performing the essential duties of the position that has been offered. Medical examinations can be required only after the job offer has been made. Prior to the advertisement of a position, the requirement of a medical examination must be approved on a case-by-case basis according to the duties of the position. A current job description will be required.