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Southeastern Louisiana University utilizes textbook rental and retail systems to provide academic texts. The rental system accommodates the textbooks, which have a useful life of two or more academic years.  Books not eligible for adoption by the rental system are sold by the retail bookstore, operated by Follett Higher Education Group, Southeastern’s current bookstore contractor. The retail store also provides support materials such as workbooks, reference manuals, or dated materials. In order to minimize book costs to our students, adoptions of required texts in both retail and rental sections are not allowed.

Departments and faculty are asked to adhere to the following guidelines and deadlines for textbook adoption. Following these guidelines will help ensure students have the materials they need when classes begin. The adoption deadlines also allow Textbook Rental and/or the retail bookstore time to address any concerns such as new editions, out of stock titles, out of print titles and vendor changes. In addition, timely response by faculty to the adoption process allows the retail bookstore to give students the best price possible at buyback. Textbook prices are a concern to students and the best way the retail bookstore can help is by buying used textbooks back from students at the end of the term. If the book is not adopted, students will not receive the best price at buyback.

Both the textbook rental and retail systems report to the Department of Auxiliary Services in the Division of Administration and Finance. Questions may be directed to the Director of Auxiliary Services at 985-549-2094.


Rental Textbook Adoption Guidelines

  1. Upon adoption, rental books must be used two years or three semesters, whichever is greater. If the course is taught once a year, the book must be used four years. Once the book has been used the required period of time, it may be replaced or discarded.
  1. New Adoptions - The adoption must be approved and submitted by the Department Head.
  1. If there is one rental book per course, all sections must use the book.
  1. If there are two rental books per course, faculty has the option to use one or both books. A later edition of the same title cannot be adopted as the second book.
  1. Online forms are available to adopt, change or discard a rental book: Information requested for adoption includes ISBN number, title, author, volume, edition, copyright year, publisher, estimated quantity, book type (paper/hardback) and all semesters in the academic year that the course is taught.  Book Orders are placed by the listed ISBN number.  
  1. Fill out, print, and forward the form to the Department Head for approval. The Department Head will submit the request to Textbook Rental for processing.
  1. Each adoption form lists the semester deadline to submit all adoption or discard requests.

Adoptions for the Spring semester are due by October 15th.

Adoptions for the Summer semester are due by March 15th.

Adoptions for the Fall semester are due by April 15th.

  1. The following textbooks should not be included in the rental system:
    1. Textbooks designed for a single semester use (workbooks, course packs).
    2. Textbooks that become outdated within a year (tax manuals).
    3. Textbooks for courses with changing topic of study (special topic seminars).
    4. Textbook costing less than the current rental fee.
  1. Textbook Rental requests notification of course section additions, deletions, or revisions so as to ensure accurate inventory. Notification may be emailed to Textbook Rental at


Desk Copies

The academic department head is responsible for securing all faculty desk copies from the publisher. Textbook Rental may loan desk copies to the department if additional copies are available. The desk copies will be checked out to the class instructor and should be returned by the scheduled book return deadlines. Faculty should contact Textbook Rental to request an extension if the book(s) cannot be returned by the deadline.

Please refer to the Textbook Rental web page at for the book return policy, deadlines, and the adoption form.


Retail Bookstore Text Adoption Guidelines

Course Information Due Dates:

  • Adoptions for the Spring semester are due by October 15th.
  • Adoptions for the Summer semester are due by March 15th.
  • Adoptions for the Fall semester are due by April 15th.

Adoption Process

The University Bookstore offers an online textbook adoption process. This adoption system provides a more streamlined ordering process making it more convenient for the user. 

A manual is available through the University Bookstore that provides step-by-step directions on using the online adoption procedure.  When using this method, the adoptions are submitted to the University Bookstore directly from the University Bookstore Web site.  Upon submitting your adoption(s), an email confirmation will be sent to you with the book(s) that you requested for adoption. 

Please note the online system provides a screen for entering whether or not the book that is being adopted for the Fall is also currently being used for the Spring and, therefore, can be bought back from the students.  The University Bookstore wants to buy back as many books as possible from students at the end of the semester.  The information that you provide will be critical in determining the buyback quantities needed. 

Should you have questions or need assistance in completing the online textbook adoption process, please the University Bookstore at (985) 549-5393. 

Some important notes:

  • Make sure all of the information is correct for your classes, including section number, instructors name, estimated enrollment. Indicate whether the book is required or optional and if the class is a Term I or a Term II. The adoption form must have the department head’s signature. Without complete information the adoption cannot be processed timely.
  • Even if a class does not require a text, please let the bookstore know, so students can be informed.
  • If a course pack is being used, please submit as early as possible due to the printing time required for these items.
  • The bookstore does not automatically re-adopt books from a previous semester. A new adoption form must be completed and submitted to the bookstore each semester that the book will be used.
  • The retail bookstore does not have a minimum adoption period. There is no limit to the number of books per course.
  • The bookstore requests notification of course section additions, deletions, or revisions to ensure accurate quantities of texts are on hand.
  • Departments should order all desk copies directly from the publisher.


Please refer to the bookstore web page at for additional information.