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Out and About: Darnell Butler Jr.

Darnell Butler Jr.Senior // Business ManagementHometown // New Orleans, LA How Southeastern changed meSoutheastern has overall made me a better individual. Throughout my time here, I have had so many […]

Southeastern Louisiana University

April 21, 2021

Darnell Butler Jr.
Senior // Business Management
Hometown // New Orleans, LA

How Southeastern changed me
Southeastern has overall made me a better individual. Throughout my time here, I have had so many unbelievable experiences. Being involved at Southeastern has allowed me to develop many leadership skills, become more personable, and it has given me the ability to be an influence on those who come after me.

Favorite spot on campus
My favorite spot on campus during warm weather is definitely the seating area outside Starbucks in the Student Union. It is a great place to converse with friends and enjoy the outdoors. In colder weather, my favorite spot is the Student Leadership and Governmental Affairs office. It is a nice and quiet area where I can be
productive and get a lot of work done.

Dream job
My dream job is to be a full-fledged, polished entrepreneur owning several businesses. Furthermore, I want to continue to develop my design and visual art skills to continue to build my very own fashion brand into something unimaginable.

What do you think of Southeastern’s faculty and staff?
Southeastern’s faculty and staff are phenomenal. They truly work extremely hard on behalf of the student body each and every day. Sometimes it may go unnoticed, but our faculty and staff are constantly striving to provide resources and opportunities for all students to be successful beyond college.

Favorite thing about my major
My favorite thing about my major is that the management courses I have taken have shown me, as well as other students, the importance of networking and interviewing. Being a business major has helped me become more transactional when making connections, building relationships, and interviewing for jobs. It has also helped me grow within the realms of leadership and communication. I was a tad bit shy growing up, and now it is relatively easy for me to have a conversation with just about anyone.

Current involvement on campus
Student Government Association Vice President and 2020 Homecoming King

In 15 words or less, what is great about Southeastern?
The spirit of the students, faculty, and staff make Southeastern one big family away from home.

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