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Southeastern faculty and staff regularly produce publications in nearly every imaginable genre and field. Here is a sampling of some of the recent book releases.

Southeastern Louisiana University

May 12, 2023

An Inquiry into Analytic-Continental Metaphysics: Truth, Relevance, and Metaphysics
Towards a Critical Existentialism: Truth, Relevance, and Politics

Jeffrey Bell2Professor of Philosophy Jeffrey Bell recently published two books by Edinburgh University Press that delve deep into philosophical topics and demonstrate his excellence in his field.

An Inquiry into Analytic-Continental Metaphysics: Truth, Relevance, and Metaphysics offers a novel approach to thinking about a number of longstanding problems in metaphysics, issues that have persisted through the history of philosophy.

According to Michael Della Rocca of Yale University, “With stunning erudition, interdisciplinary insight, and characteristic boldness, Bell highlights the vicissitudes of the Principle of Sufficient Reason. Equally at home in the history of philosophy and in contemporary philosophy, as well as in both analytical and continental traditions, this pluralist manifesto powerfully challenges the one-sided alliance with science that has led to an unfortunate scaling back of philosophy’s traditional pursuit of the questions of relevance and meaning.”

Jeffrey Bell1Alan D. Schrift of Grinnell College said that in Towards a Critical Existentialism: Truth, Relevance, and Politics, Bell has created a “profound and original reflection on our current situation. Jeff Bell draws upon a wealth of social scientific research and an astonishing variety of philosophical resources, from Hume, Russell, and Wittgenstein to Kierkegaard, Camus, and Deleuze, to propose critical existentialism as the solution to the most fundamental of problems, that of making sense.”

Rebel Bayou


Southeastern Leon Ford Endowed Chair, Professor of History, and Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies Director Samuel Hyde and his wife Sarah Hyde, River Parishes Community College professor of history, have combined their talents to produce a work of historical fiction titled Rebel Bayou.

61FWTVJGXLL._AC_UL600_SR600,600_The book, published by University of Louisiana Press, is designed to illuminate the troubled and fascinating history of southeast Louisiana and the surrounding environments, while also entertaining through an exciting story of hardship and hope.

“For years we have had people asking us to create a book that tells the story of this region in an easy-to-read format,” Samuel Hyde said.

“This book offers an exciting dive into the dramatic story of our development and the adjoining regions of the Gulf South, absent the statistical analysis of our non-fiction books.”



Dino Days of School

While an assistant professor in Southeastern’s College of Education, Lacy Davis Hitt created and published Dino Days of School, a charming children’s book that also conveys some important life lessons.

51MTn8a87TL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_Published by Yorkshire Publishing, the book tells the story of an ordinary girl who inadvertently begins to turn into a dinosaur after starting school, causing struggles, until a new teacher steps up to help.

“Every child is unique with their own struggles and hardships,” the book description states. “There is no one size fits all model for children. Even something as small as picking up a book for someone or having a kind thing to say can make a difference in someone’s life. As a person in a child’s life or a child yourself, will you be the change?”

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