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Get There:
Into Procuring Success

Kelis Wilson

Supply Chain Management, BS

With an extended internship in procurement already under her belt, supply chain management major Kelis Wilson is already well on her way to her dream job of traveling the world as a senior purchasing and procurement manager.

Southeastern Louisiana University

September 5, 2023

Kelis Wilson

With a father who built a stellar career in logistics and distribution, student Kelis Wilson grew up seeing firsthand how interesting and exciting work in supply chain management could be. Inspired to follow in his footsteps and seeing the ample opportunities in the field, she knew majoring in supply chain management was the right path for her.

Landing an extended internship in procurement while also receiving mentorship from her professors strengthened that resolve—and has already brought her within reach of her own dream job of senior manager in purchasing and procurement.

Action Plan

Checked Item

Learn to lead as a delegate in American Legion Auxiliary Palmetto Girls State.

Checked Item

Network with peers and industry professionals as a member of the Institute for Supply Management.

Checked Item

Get on-the-job experience with an internship in procurement for a national healthcare company.

Unchecked Item

Travel around the world while on the job as a purchasing and procurement manager after graduating.

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