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Get There:
Into Professional Sales

Gabe Pevey

Business Administration, MBA

Inspired by his father’s business acumen and having already conquered international sales competitions, MBA student Gabe Pevey is on a fast track to an unstoppable career in professional sales.

Southeastern Louisiana University

April 9, 2024

Gabe Pevey

MBA student Gabe Pevey grew up closely watching his dad run and operate businesses. Intrigued by how he was able to always know what to do and anticipate what turns the market would take, Gabe knew for certain he wanted to study business to gain a similar understanding.

After being pushed by a professor to try professional sales classes, his perfect path in the business realm became clear. With ample hands-on experience and sales competition wins already down on his resume, Gabe is now ready to take the professional sales industry by storm.

Action Plan

Checked Item

Build leadership skills as president of the MBA Society.

Checked Item

Land a GA position in the College of Business’s Sales Lab.

Checked Item

Introduce others to opportunities in his college as a College of Business Ambassador.

Checked Item

Take home first place in an international sales competition.

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