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Get There:
Into Following a Dream

Stephanie Gabrie

Communication, BA, Television and Multimedia Journalism Concentration

Stephanie Gabrie has chased her dream of building a successful career in communication and marketing from Honduras to Southeastern—and soon to L.A., having already lined up a post-graduate position in marketing.

Southeastern Louisiana University

April 23, 2024

Stephanie Gabrie

As a child, Stephanie Gabrie had a passion for reading and dreams of being a writer. She soon discovered how many different but related paths there were in communication and marketing, and she fell in love with them all.

When she visited Southeastern from Honduras and learned more about the communication program, Stephanie knew she had found her place. Now she’s already landed a post-graduation job in marketing in L.A., doing what she loves.

Action Plan

Checked Item

Get first-hand experience with event planning as a Campus Activities Board volunteer.

Checked Item

Help others feel as welcomed and at home as she did by becoming a resident assistant.

Checked Item

Help bring extra excitement to games and events as Roomie’s handler.

Checked Item

Win a national competition as a member of the Broadcast Education Association.

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