General Campus Safety & Security

Emergency Alert System

Southeastern uses an emergency alert messaging system to notify students, faculty,
staff and preset relatives/friends in the case of an emergency. All student, faculty
and staff email accounts are preregistered with the system, but you must sign up to
receive emergency alert text messages and voice calls on your cell phone. Sign up now.

Note: Text messages will be sent only in true emergencies and occasionally to test
the system. You will not receive notices about registration, athletics or other events
through this system.


Safe Campus App

Southeastern’s free Safe Campus app can be accessed by using your smart phone or device
to visit
safecampusapp. Be sure to save the app to your home screen for easy access. The app can direct
dial the University Police Department from its home screen and from links embedded
throughout its sections. Among the areas addressed on the app are suggested steps
to take in the case of an active shooter or stabbing on campus, bomb threat, fire
or explosion or intruder/mental health emergency. The app also addresses procedures
to be taken for a lockdown, shelter in place, evacuation, physical injury, sexual
assault, weapons on campus and weather emergencies.


Code-Blue Emergency Phones

Southeastern maintains more than 40 code-blue emergency phones located throughout
the campus. Anyone can use the phones to instantly contact University Police with
the push of a button. The code-blue phones’ flashing blue lights activate during emergency
situations impacting the campus.


Telephone Alerts

In the event of an emergency, the university telephone system will send emergency
voice messages to digital telephones located in each building. The emergency message
activates a “telephone tree,” in which trained faculty and staff will share the information
with others in their respective buildings.


Web Alerts

Emergency alerts and updates will be posted on the home page of Southeastern’s website.
This is the most reliable place to check to determine whether the campus will be closed
for any emergency, including weather-related closures.


Outdoor PA System

A public address system with speakers strategically located across the main campus
can be used to broadcast sirens or voice alerts. The system is loud enough to be heard
throughout campus by individuals who are outdoors. If you hear the siren or horn,
this means there is an emergency or serious incident occurring on campus.


Security Cameras

University Police maintains an extensive network of strategically placed security
cameras located throughout the campus in parking areas and in buildings, including
residential housing.


Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems in buildings on campus are networked to ensure that University
Police are alerted when the system is activated, allowing police and fire personnel
to respond immediately.