Academic Departments

Biological Sciences

Dr. Justin Anderson, Department Head

The Department of Biological Sciences offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biological Sciences and in Horticulture Science. Concentrations within the B.S. in Biological Sciences include: Ecology/Environmental/Evolutionary Biology; Microbiology/Molecular Biology; Organismal/Integrative Biology; and Science Education. Within these concentrations, we can design pre-professional degree plans for individuals interested in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, and other health-related fields. We also prepare students for entry into competitive graduate programs in Biological Sciences. At Southeastern, our Master of Science (M.S.) in Biological Sciences has both thesis and non-thesis options.


Chemistry and Physics

Dr. Patrick Moyer, Department Head

The Department of Chemistry and Physics offers degrees in both Chemistry and Physics. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry at Southeastern is designed to effectively prepare students either for industrial careers or for post-baccalaureate education, including graduate school (where students pursue a Ph.D.) and medical school. The Chemistry B.S. program offers a general curriculum with several concentrations, including the American Chemical Society (ACS) certified degree, a Biochemistry concentration, a Business and Industry concentration, and a Political Science/Pre-Law concentration. The Physics B.S. program is a general curriculum suitable for students interested in graduate study or a career in industry or engineering


Computer Science

Dr. John W. Burris, Department Head

Computer Science offers a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with four concentration areas, including Computer Science - Scientific, Computer Science - PreMBA, Computer Science - Data Science, and Information Technology.  These concentrations allow students to deep-dive into their specific interests, prepare students for a career in IT, and equip students for graduate study.  The program is nationally accredited by the  Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology(ABET)


Industrial and Engineering Technology

Dr. Mohammad Saadeh, Department Head

The department offers three Bachelor of Science degrees in three programs:

   1.  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with four concentrations (Automated System, Drafting Design, Supervision,  and Welding Technology).  The Industrial Technology program is accredited by ATMAE,

   2.  Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology with five concentrations (Computer, Construction, Electrical Energy, Mechanical, and Mechatronics).  The Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,

   3. Bachelor of Science in Occupational, Safety, Health and the program is accredited by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission of ABET,

The department also offers a two-year program leading to the Association of Applied Science (AAS) with four concentrations (Construction Technology, Design Drafting Technology, Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, and Supervision).  The Industrial Technology program is nationally accredited by ATMAE, the Engineering Technology  National Association for Industrial Technology (NAIT) .



Dr. Timothy Hudson, Department Head

The overall educational objective of the Mathematics undergraduate degree program is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem-solving skills that will prepare them to succeed in either graduate school or in a variety of careers in business, industry, government, or teaching.  The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics includes five concentrations:  Business/Actuarial Science, Industrial, Mathematics Education, Pure Mathematics, and Scientific Computing.