Mathematics Faculty


Faculty and Staff by Position


The professors and instructors of the Department of Mathematics are dedicated to teaching.  The graduate faculty, their graduate students, and an excellent group of undergraduates also are involved in research.  Click on the names to visit each faculty member's web page.


Endowed Professorships 

Edgar Reyes

Kenelly-Voss Endowed

Professorship in Mathematics

  Kent Neuerburg

J.W. McClimans Endowed

Professorship in Mathematics



Department Head

Timothy Hudson Professor 549-2175 


Undergraduate Coordinator

Lucy Kabza       Professor 549-5449


Math Lab Coordinator

Rebecca Muller Instructor 549-5896


Graduate Faculty

G. Alan Cannon Professor  5895
Ken Li Professor  3822
Kent Neuerburg Professor  2204


Daniel Acosta  Associate Professor  5912
Virginia Adelmann    Instructor  3354
Ashley Allain Instructor 2166
Stephen Andrus Instructor 5516
David Busekist Instructor  5519
G. Alan Cannon Professor  5895
Helen Carona Adjunct Instructor
Sarah Clifton Instructor  5909
Craig Courville Dual Enrollment Instructor  3158
Sharon Crews Instructor  5517
Tilak DeAlwis Professor  2177
Robert Devun Instructor  2661
Ryan Dutsch
Instructor  5514
Paige Foto Instructor  5554
Tena Golding Professor
David Gurney Assistant Professor  5903
Brad Hall Instructor  5897
Zhaoxia Mary Hess Instructor  5516
Timothy Hudson Professor  2175
Lucy Kabza Professor  5449
Lisa Kuhn Assistant Professor  5906
Chantelle Landry Instructor  2659
Ken Li Professor  3822
Janelle Lorenzen Assistant Professor  5551
Dennis Merino Professor  5907
DeShea Miller Instructor  5516
Elizabeth Miller Instructor  5904
Lee Milne Instructor  2660
Rebecca Muller Instructor  5896
Kent Neuerburg Professor  2204
Edgar Reyes Professor  5891
Ashley Segalla Instructor 3455
Ronni Settoon Instructor  5892
Vic Swaim Instructor  2169
John Szeto Instructor  5518
Christine Terranova Instructor  5901
Kristina VanDusen Instructor 2860
Stephanie Floyd Venson Instructor 3319
Gary Walls Associate Professor  2602
Rebecca Walls Instructor  5516
Randall Wills Associate Professor  2190


Taylor Bonds Admin. Asst.   5064  
Gayle Knight Admin. Asst.  5589


Mathematics Dual Enrollment

Ronni Settoon Coordinator and Instructor of Record

Jamie Baham Instructor of Record    
Craig Courville  Instructor of Record 3158 
Paige Foto Instructor of Record 5554