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B.S. in Mathematics

The overall educational objective of the Mathematics undergraduate degree program is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem-solving skills that will prepare them to succeed in either graduate school or in a variety of careers in business, industry, government, or teaching. The following concentrations are offered.

Business/Actuarial Science Concentration

This concentration provides a blend of mathematics and business management for students with a strong aptitude for mathematics.  It prepares students for careers in various fields such as Management, Finance, Insurance, and Investing.  Graduates are also prepared for further study in MBA programs as well as graduate Actuarial Science programs.  Actuarial science stands at the intersection of risk and money. Actuaries are experts in evaluating the likelihood and financial consequences of future events, designing creative ways to reduce the cost of undesirable events, and decreasing the impact of tragic events that do occur. They are in great demand by insurance companies, consulting firms and financial institutions. 

Industrial Concentration

The Industrial Concentration prepares students to apply mathematics in the solution of real-world problems in various industries, manufacturing, engineering, research and development, science, service and consulting organizations, government and military organizations.  In addition, students interested in further study will be prepared for graduate work to prepare them for research that can lead to effective new mathematical and computational methods and techniques for science, engineering, industry, and society.

Mathematics Education Concentration

The Mathematics Education Concentration strives to produce mathematics educators who are innovators and leaders in the teaching field as well as capable mathematicians. A year-long student teaching experience is included in the curriculum, and upon graduation, students have a B.S. in Mathematics and are certified to teach mathematics in grades 6-12 in Louisiana public schools.

Pure Mathematics

This concentration prepares students for a variety of careers in the mathematical sciences as well as for graduate work in mathematics. Pure math students have also been successful with graduate studies in other fields including computer science, economics, engineering, law, medicine, and business.

Scientific Computing Concentration 

Scientific computing is a highly sought after field in industry. It focuses on the analysis of large volumes of data. Students learn cutting-edge science by developing and analyzing mathematical and statistical models, implementing and expediting computer algorithms for solving problems, and running computer simulations. This concentration is for those interested in jobs in industry or government labs, as well as graduate school in applied mathematics or computational science.

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