Alumni Testimonials

Dr. Jerome Segura, Business Admin

Dear Dr. Lee,

The purpose of this letter is to update you and the other faculty on my status as a College of Business alum. In particular, I intend to focus on how the Business Administration B.A. from Southeastern Louisiana University prepared me to achieve my goals and succeed in my career in higher education.

Though I entered college with the intentions of studying economics, I did not begin my studies in the College of Business with the goal of pursuing a graduate level degree, especially not a Ph.D. The primary reason why I chose to attend Southeastern was the fact it was a regional university focused on effective teaching and student development. At the time, most of the students commuted in from the surrounding region, but the small classroom size was effective in building a dense social network with strong ties among peers and across cohorts. I always found the faculty members to be engaging with an emphasis on the individual.

As it turned out, one of the greatest strengths of the Business Administration program in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University was preparing students to succeed in their graduate studies. I was consistently offered strong and unwavering support outside of the classroom. The prior was never truer than when I began to evaluate prospects towards the end of my undergraduate studies at Southeastern. I sought out my professors’ guidance continually and always found their support. For example, I recall my last days on campus before departing for Columbia, Missouri, when the faculty gave me stacks upon stacks of economic textbooks to bring to graduate school.

After completing an M.A. in Economics at the University of Missouri, it was a true honor to return to my alma mater of Southeastern and join the faculty as a lecturer. Again, I found their support to be steadfast before leaving Southeastern for a second time, this time to pursue a Ph.D. in economics in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University.

My fields are urban and regional economics. Currently, I hold a joint appointment in the School of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. My titles are Assistant Professor of Economics and Chief Economist in the Central Wisconsin Economic Research Bureau. The bureau provides broad level regional analysis to the Central and North Central Wisconsin regions and is associated with a large degree of community engagement on my behalf. My scholarly work focuses upon topics such as regional growth patterns, state and local government finances, creativity - arts and culture, and spatial econometrics. I either have published or have articles forthcoming in the following peer reviewed journals: Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, Papers in Regional Science, Journal of Sports Economics, and Social Science Quarterly as well as a student coauthored peer reviewed journal article in Journal of Economics and Economic Research.

In sum, my Business Administration studies at Southeastern gave me the confidence to embark upon a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Moreover, the Business Administration major prepared me to portray my intelligence successfully and, in part, shaped an unwavering will to succeed in my career.


Jerome Segura III

Maria Cecilia Boudreaux, HR Specialist at Acelero Learning; Class of 2004

I initially chose Southeastern for the short commute and for the size of the University. I felt a bit overwhelmed when I first arrived since it was the first time being on my own, but Southeastern ended up being a great transition from high school.  The majority of my classrooms were a great size to where I had that one-on-one interaction with teaching staff.  

That interactions I had with my teachers was very important to me.  I vividly remember enrolling in my first HR management course with Anna Bass (2012).  I enjoyed the way she taught, and engaged with her students in a professional and elegant way.  I had never really heard of Human Resources until this class, and really enjoyed the topic.  After her class I decided to look into other courses I could take, ask questions, learn about the profession and speak to my teachers and advisors.  She saw how interested I was in and provided me with so much guidance in the profession.  It was because of teachers like her and others at Southeastern that worked together as a team to provide me with what I needed so I could succeed.  Not just classes but step by step in completing my degree, from helping me find financial aid assistance, how to enroll, drop, or request to be added to a "filled class”, and eventually into my professional career. The staff and faculty have always been supportive and helpful.  

I never felt like a number.  They knew me by name. Even after 12 years post graduation I will visit campus and see some of the same similar faces and love that they recognize me.  

I don't feel many schools were teaching or majoring in Human Resources at the time.  Thinking back now, much of the information provided in classes was very up to date on what was happening and how HR would be a future position to look out for.  I'm grateful that SLU provided the class that shaped me to be the HR professional I am today.

Samantha Shelley, Senior Recruiter; Business Administration, Class of 2012; MBA Graduate, Class of 2013

Attending Southeastern and picking to study Business has been one of the best decisions I have ever made personally and professionally. With smaller class sizes, I was able to establish a personal relationship with my professors. The College of Business is also AACSB-accredited, so I knew I was receiving superior education to one day be a leader in business. My business degree has successfully prepared for various business functions in Human Resources, Marketing, Management, Supply Chain and Finance. To gain a competitive advantage, I decided to pursue my MBA and was able to complete the program in only a year and a half (including a study abroad trip)! Less than a month after graduation I was offered a full-time position in Human Resources and have been forever grateful to Southeastern for my career and professional connections.