Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice offers Bachelor of Arts degees in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Additionally, students may earn a minor in Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Geography.
For course requirements in our undergraduate degree programs, please select one of the links below. Please be advised that the information provided is for the current academic year and may not have been required in previous years. Students should refer to their specific academic catalogue when making scheduling decisions.


Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice


Mission Statement: The criminal justice undergraduate program at Southeastern provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the criminal justice system. Through academically rigorous coursework, undergraduate research opportunities, internship opportunities, and student organizations, this program prepares students for careers in the criminal justice system or for advanced studies in criminal justice, law, sociology, and related disciplines.



Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


Mission Statement: Prepare students to meaningfully contribute to our world by engaging them in a sociological perspective that enables them to understand an array of societal challenges and develop innovative opportunities and solutions to lead the educational, economic, and cultural development of Southeast Louisiana and the world. Through internship opportunities, speaker events and workshops, study abroad programs, undergraduate research opportunities and student organizations, our program prepares students for leadership positions in diverse professions and for advanced studies in sociology, social sciences, law, and related disciplines.



Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Concentration in Anthropology



Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Concentration in Criminology



Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Concentration in Global Studies