Policy Statement

Parking Policy

Campus policy requires that each vehicle have a parking tag hanging on the rearview

Parking tags for CMS parents and students can be obtained by visiting the University
Police station, and presenting a CMS parking slip (available at the CMS office or
on the CMS message board).

An official Visitor’s Pass for the semester will be given to each CMS parent free
of charge.

NOTE: If you currently have a Southeastern parking tag of any kind, you must use
that tag as a CMS parent or student. Visitor tags will only be assigned to those who
are not currently enrolled as a Southeastern student or employed by the university.


In the Music Building

The Community Music School has a designated waiting area, located on the second floor
of the Pottle Annex. Parents and students are welcome to use this area, along with
the Student Lounge (also located on the second floor) when waiting for lessons.

We ask that students under age 12 be accompanied by an adult when in the music building
and that younger siblings not be left unattended in the CMS waiting areas. CMS students
should always be accompanied by an adult after the CMS office is closed.


Lesson Preparation

CMS students should come to lessons each week with all necessary materials.
We ask parents of CMS students under high school age to communicate with their child’s
instructor on a regular basis regarding weekly assignments.


Missed Lessons

Two (2) makeup lessons per semester are available to CMS students who must miss a
lesson due to illness or family emergency.

If a student must miss more than two lessons in one semester, tuition can be credited
towards the following semester, provided these lessons are excused. CMS Instructors
are not required to make up lessons for reasons other than those indicated above.

If you need to reschedule an upcoming lesson due to other reasons, please contact
your instructor immediately.

If the student is ill, or there is a family emergency, please contact the instructor
or the CMS office before 3:00 p.m. on the day of the regularly scheduled lesson.

NOTE: If the instructor is not present for a regularly scheduled lesson and you have
not been informed in advance, contact the CMS office immediately.


Instructor Assignment

The relationship between teacher and student is critical to the development of the
musician. A primary goal of the Community Music School is to make certain that every
student is carefully matched with their teacher.

Studnts who are new to the program (or adults who wish to study) are contacted by
the CMS Director so that potential teachers can be discussed.

If for any reason you would like to request a change of instructor, please contact
the CMS Director.

If a CMS instructor leaves the program, he/she will likely have a suitable recommendation
for a replacement instructor.



Participation in our end of the semester recitals is strongly encouraged, but not

In addition, students and parents should take advantage of the stellar quality of
the Southeastern Music Department faculty and student performances. Along with providing
excellent exposure to varying types of classical music repertoire, these occasions
also afford CMS students additional artists from which to learn, apart from their
individual teachers.