Livingston Program

The Livingston Literacy and Technology Center

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff of the Southeastern Community Music School, I am pleased to welcome you to our instructional location at the Livingston Literacy and Technology Center.


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For more than a decade, the Southeastern Community Music School at Southeastern Louisiana University has effectively provided the entire Northshore region with a vital community-based program of music education. Our primary mission is to bring the gift of music to as many students (children and adults) as possible, thereby making our entire region a more musically "dynamic" and culturally vibrant area in which to live.

In an effort to expand our program into Livingston Parish, I have been most impressed with the enthusiastic support offered by the entire Livingston Parish school district. I look forward to a splendid collaboration with them and am delighted to extend Southeastern's musical resources to such a sizeable and deserving segment of our southeast Louisiana community. I am pleased to report that we already have more than 70 students enrolled, and continue to field many additional inquiries. Clearly, this is a musical resource whose time has come!

Students who register for CMS music instruction at the Livingston Center will receive a variety of benefits, including first-rate private instrumental and/or vocal instruction, public performance opportunities, development of music knowledge and appreciation, and the chance to learn from Southeastern's own expert roster of student instructors and faculty. Additionally, selected high school students with an especially serious interest in their music studies can, upon successful audition become scholarship music students at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Our desire is to emphasize music instruction among our four primary areas: strings, piano, voice, and guitar. Additional instruments will be offered on a case by case basis. We currently hold two 13-week terms during the fall and spring, with an abbreviated summer session. The tuition for a single term ranges depending on the classification of the instructor
(please refer to the "Print Registration" link for complete information). For more detailed information about registration, fees and instruction, please contact the Southeastern Community Music School office at 985-549-5502.

Thank you for your continuous support of music education in southeast Louisiana!

Jivka Jeleva
Director, Southeastern Community Music School
Southeastern Louisiana University