Internships/Service Learning Hours

Internships/Service Learning Hours


Thank you for your Interest


Students seeking their Bachelor degree in Social Work, Psychology, Family and

Consumer Sciences or a related field should consider a field instruction internship with




Interns will have a set schedule and will gain professional exposure to the following:

Parenting Education, Family Life Skills Training, Visit Coaching, administrative duties, and

documentation. The learning experience will be supervised by a Licensed Social Worker.



Things to Consider


- All internships/service learning hours are unpaid.


- Most services are done in clients' home, although some are

held in an office setting or a group setting.





Please see your academic advisor on how to get started





Meet our Interns















A Few Good Qualities to Have


Creativity: the ability to take a list of needs and insights and come up with new ideas


Curiosity: a desire to understand the client and why they make the decisions they do


Empathy: the ability to relate to the client and uncover their motivations and needs


Enthusiasm: a passion to understand people and provide better services to clients


Punctuality: arrive to appointments on time


Strong Work Ethic: the innate drive to do work extremely well