Selection of Participants


Since part of the learning experience in the program involves cohorts, only qualified individuals are accepted into the program. Work experience is an important factor in the selection process.

Upon submission of the application portfolio, the director of the program may request an interview.


Admission into the Executive MBA program is selective and is awarded based on several criteria. Factors considered by the Graduate Business Programs Faculty Advisory Committee for acceptance into the program include:

  • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from an accredited college or university with an acceptable GPA

  • Acceptable GMAT score

  • Two Acceptable Letters of Recommendation

  • Professional experience (Five years of continuous, full-time, successful professional experience is preferred.)

There is no minimum GMAT score or grade-point average for acceptance into the program. Instead, Executive MBA candidates are considered on the basis of their overall profiles. The Executive MBA Advisory Committee considers many factors for a person's acceptance into our program. They include an applicant's academic history (degree, GPA, university), GMAT score, letters of recommendation, and work experience (length, type of job, responsibilities, etc.). The committee is looking for evidence of success. For example, significant work experience can compensate for a low GMAT score or high academic performance can compensate for an individual in the early stages of her/his career. However, everyone accepted into the program must present evidence of high job performance and career potential.


Graduate Business Programs Faculty Advisory Committee:


A recommendation by the Executive Graduate Business Programs Faculty Advisory Committee is required for acceptance into the program. The Committee will start reviewing completed EMBA application portfolios in October.

Graduate Student Status, Automobile Insurance, and Computers

Participants accepted into the Executive MBA program are admitted into the Graduate School at Southeastern Louisiana University and are subject to all policies and regulations of the University and the Graduate School. Additional information is presented in the General Catalogue.

Individuals who drive an automobile to class must provide proof of auto liability insurance.

Students are expected to have access to the Internet and competencies in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software programs.