Workshops and Lectures

The program sponsors workshops and lectures to complement the Executive MBA curriculum. The workshops and lectures present additional business viewpoints to our students and lead to networking opportunities.

Mr. Roger Wang

Southeastern graduate Mr. Roger Wang, Chairman and CEO of one of China's largest business concerns, spends a Saturday afternoon with Executive MBA students. Mr. Wang has been listed on Forbes' 400 Richest Americans list and Forbes' World's Billionaires list.



The half-day to full-day workshops are independent of the course work and are optional for the participants enrolled in the program. The presentation topics are initiated by the students. To expose our students to many schools of thought, the workshops are conducted by regional and national authorities. Former students are also invited to participate in the workshops.

 Dr. Ted, Professor from TCU - Entrepreneurship

Luncheon Lecture Series

Local and regional business leaders speak to the students during lunch. A typical presentation consists of a lecture and a question/answer session.

Lecture Series

Pictured Left, Wayne Ricks, Business Consultant - Small Business Development

 Jim Yarbrough, Former Head Basketball Budget WorkshopCoach at SLU -  Leadership & Teamwork



Dr. Dean DiGregorio, Associate Professor of Accounting - Budgeting Workshop