Cool P.E. Stuff


 Fun P.E. Activities You Can Do At Home


Basketball Activities


Have fun using this basketball website by competing against yourself or setting up distance competitions with your friends.  Click here for the link.




100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 air squats
Can be completed in 10 sets of 10 or all at once. 
Students can time themselves and see who can get the fastest time.
Wearing your booksack, do:
5 sets of 
15 push ups
15 walking lunges
15 up downs or burpees
3 rounds of 
10 V- ups
15 plank walks (in a plank position, down on your elbows then back up onto your hands, repeat)
30 crunches
Hop Scotch with Sight Words
Most kids probably have chalk by this point but if they don’t they can write the words on paper and arrange them into a hopscotch pattern. Each time they jump they have to say the word they step on. 
Yoga or Stretching  
Cosmic Kids Yoga is a good channel on Youtube for the younger ones.
For an option without a computer- 
1. 20 jumping jacks (count by 2's)
2. 20 up downs (get down into the pushup position, stand up and jump up)
3. Sit on the floor with your feet in front of you, reach forward and grab your toes. (Count to 100 by 10's)
4. Spread your feet as far apart as you can, reach to one side and count to 30 by 3's. 
5. Reach to the other side and count to 50 by 5's. 
6. Stand up and do 10 helicopters, feet planted, twisting to each side (count to 1000 by 100's) 
7. 10 push ups (Count to 10 in spanish)
8. 10 Good mornings- stand up straight and lock your hands behind your head. Keep your legs straight, and bend down, bending only your hips. (Count backwards from 10.)
Spelling Frenzy 
Give students a list of spelling words and they will need to make a single letter on a sheet of paper for each letter in the word. Letters can be reused for different words, but if one word has three of the "n"s in it, they will need three sheets with an "n." Spread the papers out across the yard or across the room and they will run to retrieve each letter one at a time, bringing it back to the home base to spell out each word. Before they can go get a new letter, they have to do either 10 jumping jacks, 5 up downs, or  5 push ups.
Math Frenzy
You can also use the above concept with math equations. They will have a list of equations and will have to go retrieve the answers.
Physical Fitness Trail for All Ages, Including Parents
Parents can post these signs throughout their house in frequently visited spots (exterior door, pantry door, refrigerator door, etc.) Each sign describes a brief activity such as 20 jumping jacks. Each time the student arrives at a sign, they must complete the activity on the sign. Students can also "hit the trail" and visit each sign in the house in one activity. 
2 minutes of stair climbs or marching in place
20 jumping jacks
20 arm circles
10 bicep curls with cans from the pantry or jugs of milk
10 squats
5 push ups
10 lunges
20 sit ups
10 leg lifts


The Lab School offers a variety of sports activities for our students to participate in such as track, boys' and girls' basketball, and volleyball.

In order to participate in any sport, student athletes must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average, pay a $30 athletic fee (for one sport and $10 for each additional sport), and turn in the following information:

  • A letter from a physician stating that the student has had a complete physical and is able to participate in sports.

  • A North Oaks Health System “Authorization to Disclose Drug Screen Results” form.

  • A Tangipahoa Parish School System “Substance Abuse/Misuse Student Athlete Contract”

  • A signed Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

  • Signed Parent/Legal Guardian Code of Conduct

Participation in the North Oaks Sports Medicine Program is optional but highly recommended.