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Welcome to the SLU Lab School Counseling Corner

If you are experiencing an emergency please dial 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255.


Family Care


Resources for Parents from the Association for Play Therapy

Play Therapy

Click here to child friendly stories and activities that may be beneficial during this difficult time.



 Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

When you are going through a difficult time, gratitude can be a wonderful thing to reflect on.  Focusing on the areas in our life that we are grateful for can be an instant mood boost.  Below is a fun gratitude activity that you can do with your family.  



Resources from the CDC


Parents may find this resource from the CDC useful for tips on how to talk to your children, if you choose, about the corona virus. Click here to access it.



Keeping Calm Through Covid

Louisiana Department of Health offers free telehealth counseling for those in need. Please click here to access additional information and phone number. 

Daily Guidance

These important questions can help guide you through each day.





Grounding is a counseling technique that can help you focus on the present moment. It can help if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or sad. Try it out!




Helpful Links

A list of local resources that might be helpful during for your student and family.

Local Mental Health Resources for Students and Families 

Making Yoga and Mindfulness Fun for Kids
Breathing is one of the keys to relaxation.  Take a look at this site for suggested activities.
For different breathing exercises for kids, check out this video!
This time is very difficult for all of us, but especially for our children.  Click below for coping strategies to use with your kids and teens.
  boy coloring
Coloring can help take your mind off of things and help you relax.  This site, Monday Mandala, has beautiful mandalas that you can download, print, and enjoy!


Last Updated on April 1, 2020.