International Agreement of Cooperation (IAC)for transfer program


Southeastern Louisiana University

Southeastern Louisiana University's College of Business, in its effort to expand the global perspectives and increase its service and vision to include not only the area of Southeast Louisiana but Latin America and the Hispanic community in the United States as well, has set up an International Agreement of Cooperation(IAC) to encourage students to seek an opportunity to study at an American university and enhance their global perspective while interacting with the American educational system and its students. The curriculum incorporates varied instructional methods and courses to achieve an optimal blend of theory and real-world application.

Through the ICA we offer Latin American students the most comprehensive set of classes as well as quality instruction and international educational opportunities.

The agreements assist students in making a seamless transition to Southeastern and complete the requirements to obtain a bachelor’s degree different business disciplines. The process includes a review of foundation courses that may be transferred to Southeastern. After evaluation of the course requirements for the degree, students will be admitted to Southeastern to complete their junior and senior level courses. This type of agreement encourages timely student progression by making sure that students are prepared to come to Southeastern for the completion of their degree.


Currently, several Latin American Universities are part of this program, such as:

Universidad Santo Tomas, Colombia; Universidad Cristóbal Colon, Veracruz, México; Universidad Latina de Panamá, Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia.

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Currently, this program is in the later stages of development with the University Latina of Panama and University of El Salvador