Capacity Building & Training Development Programs

Our mission keeps us at the vanguard of administrating and facilitating academic and professional opportunities for the Latin American community; opportunities that make their insertion in a globalized world easier in such a way that will place them in a continuous process of professional evolution, generating new skills and capabilities within a holistic, practical, and applicable context. Our experience is based in the quality of the programs the College of Business offers and the sound qualifications of its staff.


Capacity Building and Training Development ProgramWith a comprehensive portfolio of activities, working side-by-side with top business executives and community leaders, the participants in the Capacity Building and Training Development Program will develop a new and rejuvenated spirit of interdependence through a broad array of experiences that enable them to pursue an applicable educational experience and professional development.


The vision of our training programs embraces a multidimensional approach to sustainable business and socio-economic development. In our training programs applicants will undergo several seminars, workshops, roundtables and specialized activities.


The College of Business Latin American Business and Development Initiative works in conjunction and in support of regional, national and international organizations as well as with many different university departments and colleges, including the Division of Continuing Education and Special Activities and the Institute for Global and Domestic Development. Our training programs will be conducted by specialized leaders in each area.


Our programs, activities and non-credit seminars are offered regularly at least twice a year. Different disciplines and technical areas are offered. All class of professionals, students, and people in general are welcome. We normally publicize our seminars or activities many months in advance, be it directly or through the organizing entity in the country we are working with. The average length of our seminars is between four to six days. Prestigious international organizations intervene in the logistics and planning of our training programs, which gives them a special value and situates them in a preferential place.


Southeastern Louisiana UniversityEvery seminar, workshop, or program will be backed by the prestige of our University and our College. Every participant will receive his/her certification after having satisfactorily completed the program. Government agencies, universities, private enterprises, or institutions in general are welcome to contact us and arrange a training program, commercial mission, etc., tailored specifically to your needs.


The Latin American Business and Development Initiative and its professional training programs represent a collaborative effort involving higher education, public, and private sector groups that seek sustainable economic development and social responsibility.


Benefits and characteristics of our programs include:

  • A multidisciplinary focus and Holistic orientation

  • Facilitates and improves international business competitiveness focusing on Latin America

  • Hands-on interactive sessions

  • Programs and activities conducted in Spanish and English

  • The length of the program in residence (one week) allows participants to receive maximum educational effectiveness and minimum job interference

  • Seminars and workshops use Internet and video conference delivery

  • Small class size encourages participants to engage in meaningful interaction

  • Expert and well-known speakers

  • Business and government leaders from both the public and private sector meet and learn in a dynamic educational environment that focuses on interactive tutorials, learning from real world problem solving, and benefiting from the networking process that is an integral part of the program.


The following are a sample (but not limited to) of the subjects we offer in our seminars, workshops, and professional training programs:


Global Leadership and Management

Leadership in today's world requires understanding of globalization and understanding of basic principles of management of organizations. This program examines the nature, consequences, promotion and resistance of globalization and administration techniques. Some of the aspects to consider in this program are: cultural diversity, economic and political environment, social development, management, and much more.


Capacity Building and Training Development Program

Management and Leadership in Education

The Program of Management and Leadership in Education is designed to facilitate and improve educational opportunities to educators, educational administrators, and general public under the motto of “Better Education for Our Young.” The program offers participants a comprehensive schedule that includes occasions to meet and interact with leaders in Louisiana's education system and government officials from the academic sector. Participants will benefit from their practical experiences and activities, as well as from the unique nature of instruction in the program.

During the program, participants will examine several topics of particular interest including: Curriculum and Instruction, Cross-cultural Aspects and Diversity in Education; The Role of the Student Counselor; Planning and Assessment of Schools; Conflict Resolutions in Education; Administration; Sociological and Philological Aspect Impacting Today's Education; Technology in the Classroom; and The Role of Bilingual Education.

Micro-Enterprises and Entrepreneurship

This seminar examines the role of SME's in economic and social development. Concepts and structural components of entrepreneurship are analyzed. The role of governmental and non- governmental organizations and the private sector at the national and international level are considered.

International Seminar in Communication, Marketing and Journalism

This seminar Capacity Building and Training Development Programexplores the role of mass communication under different aspects, as well as the relation of marketing and management strategies in communication, Internet in communication, general principles on how to use Internet as a communication tool, management of organizations, entrepreneurship, organizational behaviors, institutional and corporate communication, Public relations in communication, Commercial communication, the process of writing to the mass media, broadcasting, TV production, and much more. Successful experiences in promoting development through effective communication systems are reviewed.

International Program in Management of Municipalities, Leadership and E-Government

Effective states and municipalities are two keys to a successful democratic system. These sources establish the rules and processes for political, economic and cultural stability. Additionally, they create a framework for modernization of services while enhancing government efficiency, transparency and accuracy. Modernization of the municipal branch and strengthening its cooperation with other governmental branches are fundamental pillars that mark the development of democratic regions and countries. The seminar examines topics about challenges for the local governments, leadership and administration of resources, organizational processes in administration, application of the logical model for local governments, management and development of municipalities: SWOT analysis, information technology for local governments, trade agreements and commerce, and plans for social development, international cooperation, and understanding the financial processes for local projects.