Services Provided

Services Provided



Their are currently 3 services available:


1. Parenting Education


Nurturing Families of Louisiana for parents with 0 -5 year olds consist of 16 weeks, 2 1/2

hour sessions in group or in-home with parents and children. 



2. Visit Coaching


Renew worker has an initial meeting with referring worker and the client to identify

needs of child(ren) and how to meet them. The worker conducts a short pre & post

meeting with parent and sits in on visits to guide parent(s) to meet child(ren's) needs.



3. Family Skills Training


Short term training on a specific need of parent, related to one of the following areas:

Day to Day Parenting, Homemaking Skills, Home Safety, Educational Advocacy, Financial

Management, Health Care Advocacy, Appropriate Developmental Expectations, and

Communication Skills.




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