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Clinical Practice (Pre-Residency):


Clinical Practice Overview

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Clinical Practice Data Submission

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The aspiring teacher candidate will complete and retain the following forms to ensure accurate entry into the data collection platform via Moodle. Please refer to each course instructor regarding what form should be completed. The candidate will collaborate with the site supervisor/administration/cooperating mentor teacher to ensure the accuracy of the requested information. Both forms require a signature.  A wet (ink) signature is required for all in-person experiences. Electronic signatures will be accepted for virtual experiences only. This form will be uploaded in the final step of the Clinical Practice data submission process.

Form C | Clinical Practice

Form D | Service Learning

Clinical Practice Resources

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Residency Program:

The Residency Program at Southeastern Louisiana University is a field-intensive, competency-based program aimed at building Residents’ capacities for success thereby improving the achievement of PK-12 students with whom they teach and learn.  The program has nine district partners that assist in the Residency experience that models best practices and inclusive instruction.


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Residency Information

Completed Residency Application (Spring cohort application will be released in September; Fall cohort application will be released in February)

Jordan Ahrend | Director of Clinical Practice and Residency 

Residency Frequently Asked Questions


An Internship is a yearlong clinical experience for post-baccalaureate initial certification candidates whether enrolled in a non-degree, alternative certification or Master of the Art of Teaching (MAT) candidates. Internships are for candidates who hold full-time teacher of record positions in school sites that are willing to provide support through a certified mentor teacher.

Dr. Ellen Caillouet | Graduate Coordinator


A Mentor is a teacher who serves as the primary school-based teacher educator for Residents completing a year-long residency experience.  Listed below are the most common resources for Mentors:

Residency Handbook
First Week Checklist for Mentors
Mentor Frequently Asked Questions
Residency 1 Calendar | Residency 2 Calendar | Intern Calendar
Video Library of Common Residency Protocols

Resident Weekly Responsibilities:
Co-Teaching & Co-Planning Protocol [excludes Interns] | Video Resource
Lesson Plan Protocol
Activity Log | Video Resource
Coaching Journals | Video Resource

Resident Assignments:
Partnership Agreement Form | Video Resource
Letter to Family Partners [excludes Interns] | Video Resource
R1 Collaborative Conference Form [excludes Interns] | Video Resource

Employment Opportunities 

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