The Turtle Cove Boatshed/ClassroomParking Lot at Galva Canal--which is where everyone starts their journey at Turtle Cove--is located on Galva Canal in "Manchac" (formally known as  "Akers") off of I-55 between LaPlace and Hammond near the Manchac exit. The official 911 address for our facility there on Galva Canal is 87 Alligator Lane, Akers (Manchac), LA 70421. The GPS Coordinates are 30° 16' 35.4" N and 90° 23' 53.4" W. (NOTE: We also have access to a boat slip on West Lake Maurepas that is accessible by car, but this is an hour west on the other side of Lake Maurepas from the Boat Shed at Galva Canal and only for researchers during times of need).

To get to the Turtle Cove meeting point (Boat Shed/Classroom/Parking Lot at Galva Canal in Manchac), please follow the directions below as the 911 address will sometimes take you to a totally different site an hour away on the other side of Lake Maurepas (depending on what sort of smart phone app you use).  So it is best to just follow these directions:

  1. Between LaPlace and Hammond on-55 (the "high road"), take Exit 15 toward Manchac.

  2. Turn right (south) onto Hwy 51 (the "low road," also labeled as "Frontage Road"). Pass Middendorff's Restaurant on your left.

  3. Cross the bridge over Pass Manchac.

  4. After the bridge, travel about 1/4 of a mile and you'll see a road sign for "Southeastern Turtle Cove ERS" directing you to turn left onto a road that crosses over the railroad tracks (it's the second left possible after coming off the bridge)--the canal you see in front of you is Galva Canal. Stop and look both ways as you approach and cross the railroad tracks.

  5. After crossing the tracks, turn right immediately (don't be fooled by the "Turtle Cove Club" sign on one of the local boatsheds right there across the tracks---that is not us). This road curves and takes you to a yellow iron-pipe gate.

  6. Enter into the LDWF Manchac Wildlife Management Area/Southeastern Turtle Cove Boat Shed Area at Galva Canal.

  7. Continue 100+ yards from the gate until you come to the far section of the parking lot---the Southeastern/Turtle Cove section of the property marked with the large "Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station" sign hanging on the upstairs classroom over the boat shed and boats (see green “Parking” signs in front of the boat shed and park there). Overflow parking is against the marsh still further right.

  8. Now that you've reached the parking lot and boat shed area for Turtle Cove (at Galva Canal), you'll then travel by boat 5 miles down Pass Manchac to actually get to Turtle Cove, the self-guided boardwalk, etc. 

Directions to I-55

Use the following directions to travel to I-55, depending on your approach:

From the South

New Orleans, LA area

Travel west on I-10 toward Baton Rouge/New Orleans airport. Take Exit 210, merging north onto I-55 toward Hammond. Take Exit 15 toward Manchac.

From the North

Hammond, LA or Jackson, MS areas

Travel south on I-55 toward New Orleans. Take Exit 15 toward Manchac.

From the East

Covington, LA or Slidell, LA areas

Travel west on I-12. Take Exit 38A, merging south onto I-55 toward New Orleans. Take Exit 15 toward Manchac.

From the West

Lafayette, LA or Baton Rouge, LA areas

Travel east on I-10 toward Baton Rouge. Take Exit 159 (left), merging east on I-12 toward Hammond. Take Exit 38A, merging south onto I-55 toward New Orleans. Take Exit 15 toward Manchac.