Assistant VP for Systems

Judy Bowles

Judy Bowles

Assistant Vice President for Systems

Judy Bowles serves as the Assistant Vice President for Systems, focusing on enterprise
systems operations and the application of technology, including the ongoing implementation
of Workday, the University’s new ERP system.  Ms. Bowles has workded for the University since
June 2006 when she was hired to complete the implementation of the PeopleSoft financial
system.  Ms. Bowles has worked hard to streamline and correct existing system issues
in Student Financials in addition to completing the implementation of 10 modules of
the PeopleSoft financials suite from a legacy system that was predominantly manual
and paper intensive. 

Ms. Bowles is an alumni of Southeastern Louisiana University where she received her
Bachelor in Business Administration and MBA.  She is also a licensed CPA in the state
of Louisiana.  Prior to Ms. Bowles work at the University she served several years
in management positions in the private business sector where she was responsible for
all aspects of Accounts Payable, Payroll, Financial Statements, Cost Accounting, Budgeting,
and interacting with external auditors.  Additionally, she works hard on testing,
validating and implementing software systems to make processes as efficient as possible
utilizing technology. 



Contact Information:

SLU Box 10725
Hammond, LA 70402
Phone (985) 549-5381
Fax (985) 549-3315