Recruiting in the Union

 StudentsWhen school is in session during the fall and spring semesters, having a recruiting
presence in our War Memorial Student Union can be a terrific way to recruit students
for job opportunities and increase overall awareness of your organization. The Student
Union is the highest traffic area on Southeastern’s campus, and you can be right in
the middle of the action effectively promoting your organization and its opportunities
to 100’s, if not 1000’s of students, within a few hours. 

Because participating employers will interact with so many students, we generally
recommend this recruiting method to fairly large employers who are recruiting to fill
multiple positions. 

If you are interested in our Recruiting in the Union service, please complete the
online request form at the link below.  

When choosing your date(s) to recruit, please select a date that is at least 14 business
days after the date you submit the Recruiting in the Union form. Please note that
submitting this form does not constitute approval of your recruiting activity for
your requested date(s) and times. Our office will work with university officials to
ensure there are no conflicts with other events and we will then be in touch with
you to confirm the status of your requested date(s). 

*Please Note: Independent sales organizations and other employers – Solicitation of products and
services is not permitted through your Recruiting in the Union event registered with
Career Services. The Recruiting in the Union service is to be strictly utilized for
the recruitment of employees for your organization. If you wish to promote and solicit
sales for your organization, you must adhere to the Student Union Mall Vendor Policy.
Please review pages 9-11 of the Student Union Policies and Procedures regarding independent vendors.


Recruiting in the Union Form