Interview Attire Guidelines

Business Casual Dress is required;
Professional Dress is encouraged.
... but what does it all mean?

BUSINESS CASUAL (Not jeans, not a suit)

Here are some examples:


  • Dress pants
  • Knee-length skirt
  • Conservative, knee-length dress
  • Blazer or cardigan
  • Nice blouse or collared shirt
  • Dress flats or heels - but not
    too high!

Of course, we made an entire Pinterest
board full of ideas for you ladies.


  • Dress slacks or khakis
  • Collared shirt - preferably a
  • Solid dress shoes or loafers
    & matching belt
  • Feel free to wear a tie, but no crazy
    colors or patterns!

Check out this GQ Magazine slideshow
of some great examples.


Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it isn't too revealing.


To really impresswear PROFESSIONAL DRESS!
... basically, that means a suit.

In fields like Accounting, or in many corporate jobs, professional dress is required in the office. Also, professional dress is recommended for any job interview.


  • Matching suit in a solid color,
    or light pinstripe, with a solid
    collared shirt underneath
  • Pants or a knee-length skirt
     (wear pantyhose if you
         choose a skirt)
  • Closed-toe heels - not too high!
  • Simple jewelry



  • Matching pantsuit in a solid color,
    or light pin stripe, with a solid
    collared shirt underneath
  • Solid leather dress shoes and
    matching belt
  • Tie - no crazy colors or patterns
              (simple stripes or diamond
              patterns are fine)


What NOT to wear.
        ... we won't let you in Career Fair if you're wearing...

  • Shorts
  • Tank top
  • Flipflops
  • Hats
  • Athletic wear

shortstanktop flipflops   hat      athletic

Other Tips!

Tattoos & Piercings

Your self-expression through body art is appreciated, but it may not be embraced by an employer wanting to hire you.

This one is your call, but we do recommend covering those tattos and removing body piercings, with the exception of earrings in the traditional ear lobe area.

Large Purses & Bags

Besides being bulky and in the way, you don't want to carry around that heavy thing, anyway!

We know you're a student, so if you need to have your backpack, that's okay. Ladies, pack a small shoulder purse or just keep your car key in your pocket. Less is best.


These are a great way to carry your resumes in a professional way - in fact, we recommend them. You can pick one up at any office supply store or even the Southeastern Bookstore!

One Last Tip...

You know that thing that's always glued to your hand? Yes, your cell phone. You may want to put it away - in your purse, pocket, backpack, car trunk. Employers won't want to interact with someone looking down or interrupted by a text notification. Take a break from the tech and have real-time, live interaction that isn't on Twitter.


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