About The Center

The Center for Faculty Excellence at Southeastern Louisiana University was established
in the Fall of 1997 to promote and facilitate an environment in which teaching and
learning are the subjects of serious discussion, debate, and inquiry among faculty,
thereby producing a campus climate where both teaching and research are recognized
as significant scholarly work.

Our mission is to facilitate the professional development of faculty in their pursuit
of excellence in teaching, research and service.

We achieve our mission by providing professional development opportunities in the
areas of teaching and learning; sponsoring workshops, info sessions, discussions,
and webinars on a variety of topics; providing instructional and technical support
for electronic learning; assisting in the production of audio, video, photographic
and graphic media for instructional use; and promoting appropriate pedagogical use
of technologies.

If you have comments or suggestions for how the Center can best support your professional
needs, please contact us at [email protected].