What to do in Emergency




Counseling services are available for students in the event  of  an emergency. The University Counseling Center provides emergency on-call services. Emergency care after hours can be obtained by calling the University Police Department at 985-549-2222. The on-call counselor will be notified by the University Police Department. Students who are off-campus may be required to come to campus in order to receive services.



If an emergency occurs during the regular work hours, students are encouraged to come to the UCC immediately to see a counselor or call 985-549-3894. When you arrive at the UCC, please inform the front office staff that it is an emergency.

If necessary, the Counseling Center may serve as a referral agent to off-campus agencies such as hospitals, facilities,  or private practitioners that are deemed most appropriate.




What happens if my counselor decides an emergency evaluation is needed?

  • University Police will be contacted to assist in transportation to the hospital.
  • An University Counseling Center counselor will meet you at the hospital and stay with you for the evaluation process.
  • Medical staff will meet with you to discuss any mental health and medical concerns.
  • A physician, social worker, and nurse will determine the best care for you.
  • Sometimes, it is determined that a student needs immediate care, and this would involve being transferred to a Behavioral Health Treatment Provider.


Upon discharge, you will receive Discharge Paperwork or a Discharge Plan/Summary.  Please be sure this is forwarded to the Office of Advocacy and Accountability in Mims Hall 2nd floor and the University Counseling Center. One or both of these offices will assist you in returning to campus.