Distance Learning

Through the Distance Learning Initiative at Southeastern Louisiana University, courses and conferences are delivered via compressed video over T1, ISDN, and analog telephone lines by way of a satellite downlink and over the internet. There are three compressed video rooms on the Southeastern campus located in the University Center, the R. Norval Garrett College of Business, and in Mims Hall in the School of Nursing. Plans are under way for an additional site in the Cate Teacher Education Center. Video rooms are also located at our remote campuses - the Covington Learning Center and the Baton Rouge School of Nursing campus. We are connected to the State of Louisiana Video Network which allows us to connect to any of the 23 other college campuses as well as dial out to any video location in the world. There are two satellite downlink sites on campus which are used regularly.


Classes are delivered through compressed video medium four nights a week from the Hammond Campus to Covington. The University Center location is scheduled every week with conferences. Additionally, there are four instructors who deliver instruction over video from their homes. Southeastern has plans to expand the existing video network with the addition of a video bridge which will allow us to establish multi-point conferences with the existing and future video rooms. In the future, we will be networked with the K-12 school systems, Vo-Tech systems, and Community Colleges to deliver courses to them. Additionally, we will work with business, industry, and the local community to offer continuing education and skills advancements.