Collegiate Panhellenic Council

Meet the Southeastern Louisiana University Collegiate Panhellenic Council, the central hub for five sororities proudly affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference. These dedicated women are committed to fostering leadership, embracing diversity, celebrating academic achievement, and serving their community. Within the Panhellenic family, they cultivate strong bonds, ensuring a supportive network for all. Together, they embody the values of sisterhood, striving to make a positive impact on campus and beyond. Dive deeper and learn more about our College Panhellenic Council and start your journey with us today!

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Recruitment Guidebook

President: Alyssia Arriago , [email protected] 

Advisor: Darius Woodfork, [email protected]

Council Email: [email protected]

National Panhellenic Conference Website:

Friday, May 25
Recruitment registration link open for women to submit their recruitment information and register for Fall 2024 Recruitment. Registration fee is $75 until Tuesday, August 20 and goes up to $85 for August 20 - 27. Sign up early to make sure we have all of your information and you have accurately sized shirts!

May/June/July/August Orientation Sessions 
CPC will have a table at Summer Orientation where you can learn more about registering and ask questions about CPC sororities and recruitment.

Monday, August 26 - CPC Sorority 101 Session 
This session will give you the chance to meet your Gamma Chi(s), other people in your PNM group, and allow you to ask questions about the CPC membership experience. You do not have to be signed up for recruitment to attend! We encourage anyone who may still be on the fence to attend this session as well so they can learn more and potentially sign up.

Tuesday, August 27 
Recruitment registration link closes.

Thursday, August 29 - CPC Open Houses 
Opportunity for PNMs and anyone still considering recruitment to meet the chapters and go on a tour of all of the houses prior to recruitment kickoff on Friday, September 1. This is not a round of primary recruitment and will give PNMs the chance to become oriented with Greek Village and how primary recruitment flows. You will meet with your tour group at 5:30 PM and then spend about 15 minutes at each chapter's house. Light refreshments will be provided.

Friday, August 30 - CPC Recruitment Kickoff 
You will check in with your Gamma Chi(s) and get everything you need to be successful for Primary Recruitment 2023.

Friday, August 30 A Day in the Life of Sisterhood Round 
PNMs will meet all five chapters and learn more about the core value of sisterhood and what it looks like to be a member of a CPC sorority at Southeastern.

Saturday, August 31 - Philanthropy and Values Round 
PNMs will be invited back to no more than three chapters to learn more about the chapter's philanthropic and service efforts as well as other values of the organization.

Sunday, September 1 - Preference Round 
PNMs will be invited back to no more than two chapters to learn more about the chapter's ritual and what it means to make a commitment to joining a CPC organization.

Monday, September 2 - Bid Day 
PNMs will be invited to join one chapter and will have the opportunity to sign their bid card to join a CPC organization at Southeastern Louisiana University!

President: Kyra Greely [email protected] 

Chapter Advisor: Megan Bankston [email protected]

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Margaret Adelman [email protected]

Website: Alpha Omicron Pi

President: Lily Dalon [email protected]  

Chapter Advisor: Rita Bertolino ([email protected])

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Laura Squires ([email protected])

Website: Alpha Sigma Tau

President: Lauren Clements [email protected]   

Chapter Advisor: Alee Hess ([email protected])

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Lorraine Peppo ([email protected])

Website: Phi Mu National & Alpha Psi

President: Alaina Appe [email protected] 

Chapter Advisor: Summer Smith [email protected]

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Amanda Hammonds [email protected]

Website: Sigma Sigma Sigma

President: Kay James, [email protected] 

Chapter Advisor: Jaime Breaux ([email protected])

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Erin Guedry [email protected] 

Website: Theta Phi Alpha

Primary Recruitment Information

Potential New Members (PNMs) must identify as a woman, an undergraduate student, and be enrolled full-time at Southeastern Louisiana University to participate in primary recruitment. While a specific GPA is not required to participate in recruitment, it is strongly encouraged that a woman have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA from high school or college. The higher your GPA the more maximized your membership opportunities will be as a participant. 

Potential New Members (PNMs) are expected to abide by a code of ethics during their participation in primary recruitment. All PNMs must review this document and agree to it when registering for primary recruitment.

Informal Recruitment/Continuous Open Bidding Information

Continuous Open Bidding is a very informal process that sororities use to take in new members. Unlike formal recruitment, there are no silence rules, no long days of going from party to party, or complicated invitation acceptances. When a sorority holds COB, they simply contact a potential new member on their own and hold a series of informal events to get to know her better. Each chapter does it differently. Some might go to dinner with a potential member. Some chapters might hold a ‘board game night’ at the chapter house and invite potential members to attend. The one thing these parties do have in common is that they are a great way to casually meet people and they are always fun.

Council Email: [email protected] | SLU CPC Instagram

National Panhellenic Conference Website:

Letters of Recommendation are historically letters of reference written by an alumna of a sorority to her sorority’s chapter at Southeastern on behalf of the potential new member. Letters of recommendation are not a requirement in the recruitment registration process, but you are welcome to have letters submitted on your behalf if you would like. Recently, some of our chapters’ national organizations have decided to no longer accept letters of recommendation in an attempt to promote inclusivity and remain open-minded and unbiased in the decision-making process during recruitment. Please visit a chapter's individual website or social media to learn more about letters of recommendation. 

Registration is completely online!  Beginning mid-May, you will be able to access our registration portal where you will fill out the application, upload a picture of yourself and make your online payment of $75. Recruitment Registration is not complete until the application fee and transcript information are received and confirmed.

The recruitment registration fee ($75) covers snacks during recruitment, two t-shirts, access to online registration, mail-outs and supplies used during recruitment. The recruitment fee is non-refundable.

Once you have completed your online registration, the Fraternity & Sorority Life office will send a confirmation email to the email address provided in your application.

Bid Card distribution is the last day of primary recruitment. Distribution is closed to everyone except potential new members (PNM) and Panhellenic Members. After opening their bid cards, PNMs will arrive to Bid Day. New members will "run home" to their chapters on Bid Day. Parents and family members, as well as CPC alumna members, will be invited to attend Bid Day. More details to come soon. 

MRABA stands for "Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement." This is a contract the potential new member (PNM) signs to receive a bid from one of our five NPC sororities at Southeastern. By signing the MRABA, a PNM acknowledges and agrees to each of the conditions on the document. More information about the MRABA can be found here on the National Panhellenic Conference's website and there will be extensive education during primary recruitment to make sure all PNMs know what the MRABA is and its significance in the Southeastern CPC Recruitment experience. 

In the event that you participate in a sport or other University-approved activity that conflicts with recruitment, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and plan as many parties as possible.  We cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend all parties though.  If you can’t attend a round of recruitment, chapters will be notified of the excused absence and will be asked to act as if you were present.  You will work with your Gamma Chi to make your selections from a distance.

Panhellenic sororities provide support systems for their members that become like a home away from home.  Greek membership fosters leadership, academic enrichment, career development, community service, and good citizenship.  Panhellenic sororities also provide friendships and memories that will last a lifetime, making for a well-rounded and unforgettable college experience.

A Gamma Chi is a recruitment counselor that helps guide you during the recruitment process.  She is an active sorority member who disaffiliates temporarily from her sorority to guide and support women through the recruitment process.  All Potential New Members will be assigned to a Gamma Chi group prior to recruitment and will be placed in that group during the convocation.

Dues and member fees vary from chapter to chapter. This is a great thing to ask about during any organizational browses or during the first two rounds of recruitment! We have also compiled a brief overview (subject to change based on the chapters membership) of historical dues information for each chapter below: 

  • Alpha Omicron Pi | $687 for new members/semester; $478 for active members/semester. Members can pay in monthly installments.
  • Alpha Sigma Tau | $670 for new members/semester; $541.28 for active members/semester. Members can pay in monthly installments.
  • Phi Mu | $938.50 for new members/semester; $394 for active members/semester. Members can pay in monthly installments.
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma | $814 for new members/semester; $668 for active members/semester. Members can pay in monthly installments.
  • Theta Phi Alpha | $538 for new members/semester; $408 for active members/semester. Members can pay in monthly installments.